Sunday, January 27, 2013

Cool runnings

On the premise that its better to paddle familiar waters than not at all, Dean and I met for a Sunday morning paddle out of the familiar put-in at St Philips.

The first order of business was getting into open water.

It was -9C with the wind chill at -15.  At those temperatures its always a challenge to start the paddle warm.  Once underway it doesn't take long to warm up but its a while before the hands are toasty warm.  I solved that problem with a thermos of hot water that I poured into our neoprene mitts.  It made such a huge difference.

We paddled this coast a week ago.  It seemed like the extended cold snap added more snow and ice to the cliffs.  Familiar yes but always something different to see if observant enough.

 One of my favourite passages at Sailing Point.

Seawater freezes at a lower temperature than fresh water.  We are thankful for that as it gives us a chance to paddle all year round.  But it will freeze.  The average temperature seawater will freeze is -2C and it did so today.  At Beachy Cove I noticed I couldn't read my compass through the coating of ice.  Good thing we were handrailing.

Back at St. Philips the frozen salt water covered everything ...

... including the skipper of the vessel.

Dean and I washed off in the fresh water of the river as a passer-by stopped to watch.  Refreshing but as I would find out, with consequences.  After I took the boat out I discovered the day hatch was frozen solid to the kayak.  Thanks to Brian, who happened by and got a bucket of hot water at the restaurant, we got the hatch cover off.

Changed into civies, my hands appreciated being wrapped around a mug of hot coffee, as did my insides!  Thanks Dean for the paddle and Brian for the help and coffee.


  1. ya, man... A familiar coastline, but it was such fun. Cool Runnings... I liked that movie...

    I guess we might say a kayak is the bobsled of the ocean... "Feel the rhythm! Feel the rhyme! Get on up, its bobsled time! COOL RUNNINGS!..."

  2. Today the kayak did feel like a bobsled of the ocean. What fun it was, the paddling, the laughing we did, the chat after warming up in the restaurant. Thanks again for sharing the morning

    Tony :-)