Friday, June 1, 2012

Sunday drivers

A little action

Have you ever gotten behind someone out for a Sunday drive?  They are out sightseeing and you have somewhere to go.

I'm beginning to believe a lot of paddlers are just Sunday drivers.  Most are just fair weather paddlers who are only interested in sunny day, flat water kayaking.  The evidence is Thursday evening practice attendance.  We only had three.

A gentle swell from the north and high water made the rocks at the south end of the cove ideal for some washing machine practice.  The swell washed over the rocks and swirled around in the space behind and pushed us around.  An ideal spot to get used to or brush up on good boat control in agitated water.

Another spot

After a bit the three of us decided to paddle up the coast because it looked like no one else was going to show up.  There were more places where the swell crashed over the rocks and we were happy to take advantage of the conditions.

The more you do this the more adept you become.  Its not just paddling in agitated waters but also practicing to read the waves, how the water reacts in different configurations of rocks and patience to sit and evaluate before rushing in headlong.

Sean named this the G-spot *lol* ... this is where Gerard went over, wet exited and got tossed around a couple of years ago.

Far enough

At Beachy Cove we stopped for a chat and decided we'd gone far enough and retraced our steps.

A few of the regulars missed last evening but still there aren't any new paddlers coming out to these practices.  Maybe, and hopefully, they are doing their thing in their own way.  Be great to see them sometime to share in their experience.


  1. Maybe they practice elsewhere?

  2. Lee's got a good point, there's a lot of ocean out there - as there is here.

    We've always gone out in challenging conditions, for the fun of it and for the reasons you give, Tony - makes us more adept. We don't however, usually paddle with the local club (where we're members). I certainly hope they don't think we're just a fair weather paddlers...'cause we're not paddling where they're paddling! And we'd always give club members a tow if necessary. :)

  3. I think a lot of people get into kayaking for the relaxation part of it, ie fair weather paddling, and may not be interested in taking it to the level that others do. I can't fault anybody for that, everybody gets into paddling for their own reasons. I have to admit the main reason for paddling is not so much the paddling, but where it takes me. I prefer not to paddle in the same place twice. There is just so much of this island to see, and I don't get to paddle as much as I'd like to, so when I'm able to get out, I like to go and see something I haven't seen before. Same reason why I don't vacation the same place twice. Too big of a world out there and I only get 3 weeks holidays each year.

    That said, if I lived closer to St Philips I'd do my best to be there every thursday evening :-)

  4. Sorry, in my above post I meant 'my main reason for paddling' not 'the main reason for paddling'. It seems I'm not much of a writer!

  5. Maybe Lee, good for them if they are!

    Agree with you Duncan & Joan. As for myself I keep up my club membership and try to give back to members or non-members some of the advice and encouragement that I've received over the years.

    You are right Brian. I think that most people are fair weather paddlers and there's nothing wrong with that and I hope my post didn't come across as I look upon them as lesser paddlers. There are days I thoroughly enjoy paddling on calm seas in sunny weather so that I can savour the scenery.

    My motivation for practice and my encouragement for others to do the same is so that when the weather forecast is wrong and the weather gets ugly, that they are able to deal with it. There have been instances where paddlers have gotten caught out, there was no one to help them out of a bind other than a call to the Coast Guard.

    Everyone to their own preferences as long as they stay safe.

    Tony ;-)

  6. I live 15 minutes from St.Philips and don't practice there. I practice at least twice a week; I'm sure there are others. if I can kick my butt out a few evenings to practice rolling I'm certain there are others; heck maybe even on a Monday in a different harbour!

    Sweeping generalizations of people needing a tow cause they are not at Thursday St. Philips practice's may be half the numbers problem....

  7. Yes Lee, there probably are others out there doing their stuff to be safer kayakers. I don't think a generalization on my part, this one time, is affecting the numbers thing at St. Philips. There are no doubt a number of things that affect the turnout.

    I probably shouldn't have added the comment about towing. It was just a bit of frustration on my part, as a few of the guys also feel they would like to see more people Thursday evening. I'm pretty much done with campaigning for the initiative because people are aware of it and I think we've reached a limit on the uptake.

    I'm satisfied with the turnout and know I can count on 8 - 10 people to show up at different times over the season.

    You are also, as always, welcomed to join us. I know we'd be pleased to see you again.

    Tony ;-)

  8. I can understand the frustration. But you'll get more out offering help than criticizing I figure!

    I'm still focusing on my skills solo; maybe one day I'll get enough experience to start coming out Thursdays.

    Until then roll brace repeat.

  9. I don't see anything wrong with your experience Lee, besides its not a venue for showmanship. Its just a chance to get on the water and have some fun. Hard to do a T-rescue solo too *lol*

    Tony :-