Thursday, June 14, 2012

On the rocks


Thursday evening again and the water is warming.  Time to get out of the boat and do some self and assisted rescues.  That was great but in calm conditions, not a big challenge.  So we went for a short paddle.

High and dry

Some of us got into some interesting places.

Anyone who has gotten stranded on a rock knows balance becomes a problem as the water drops away.  The first time it happened to me it was disconcerting.


After Dean extricated himself he looked back at me.  I intentionally ran the kayak onto kelp covered rocks.  No need for panic, I just waited for the water to return and float me off again.  Doing this a few times on purpose, it became a lot less un-nerving.

Riding the surge

Timing, when riding the surge over rocks, is everything.  It takes practice to get the timing right.  The conditions were very beginner-like and that was OK because it was great fun.

There are lots of things to practice.  Get out there, have fun and become a better paddler.

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