Monday, June 18, 2012

After the whales

At Torbay Point

After our friends the whales seemed to have disappeared we paddled up to Torbay Point where the seas grew considerably.

Following seas

We hung out a little while in the big seas before paddling into Outer Cove on a following sea.  We hugged the shoreline along the reddish sandstone cliffs playing in the clapotis until we were into Outer Cove where we ...

Lunch stop

... stopped in this little cove for lunch.  Here we were out of eyesight of the homes clustered, overlooking the main cove.

Entering Middle Cove

As we made our way into Middle Cove the rocks changed from reddish sandstones to blackish slates.

Gaping holes

At the bottom of the 200 foot cliffs the sea found weaknesses in the rocks and was relentlessly pounding away to make these huge caves.

Rock fall

Eventually, the cliffs get undercut so much that the rock face comes tumbling down.  Good thing we weren't here when that happened.

Back at Middle Cove where we had put-in earlier we ended our day with the whales and the waves.  We packed up, went for coffee and called it a great day.

I haven't done a lot of day trips recently due to my continuing shoulder injury.  While my shoulder felt the day's work, I was happy to be out and it is slowly getting better.  At least its going in the right direction.

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