Sunday, June 24, 2012

Looking for pirates on Kellys Island

Foggy exit

The day started off with a fog hanging over Conception Bay as we arrived at Long Pond.  Clyde, Dean, Gary, Gerard and I were going to do a crossing to Kellys Island.  The sun was shining on shore and in the harbour but outside Kellys Island was shrouded in a cloak of invisibility.

Which way?

As we exited the harbour we emerged into the fog bank.  I suggested we just paddle in the direction of our noses *lol*, not really.  We had a compass bearing ...


... which we followed and after the allotted time to do the crossing Kellys Island rose out of the fog.

Foggy shore

After arriving at the island we paddled north along the foggy shore greeted by throngs of seagulls that screeched at us from shore.

The sun was winning

The sun was winning the battle with the fog.  We knew it would only be a question of time before the fog would clear.

Crystal clear

While the fog was not quite burned off, the waters were crystal clear as Dean and Gary appear to be suspended above the bottom.

Martins Cove

When we entered Martins Cove the sun had won the battle.  In bright sunshine we landed on the cobble beach where we had lunch.  Afterwards we climbed up onto the land overlooking the cove where we decided it was a good place for a short kayak camp trip. 

Along the shore in Big Cove

Clyde and Dean paddling in the bright sunshine that again highlighted the bottom.

Almost around

We were back on the same side of the island where we had crossed.

 Up on high

Another beach with plenty of time to spare, we decided to land and climb a path up the cliff face to have a look around.

Reaching the top at about 100 feet we had a good view of the entire reaches of Conception Bay.  The land itself was fairly flat with excellent camping ground.  As I looked around I wondered where Peter Easton had berried his treasure on this island.  Easton was a pirate in the early 17th century and  story persists that he hired a local fisherman to take him to Kellys Island.  He landed empty handed but returned with a large pot and paid the fisherman with a gold coin.  Could he have left any behind?

Red, right, return

We climbed down from our perch to cross back over to Long Pond.  As we neared there was a steady stream of yachts and power boats leaving the harbour.  Remembering the addage "Red, Right, Return" we safely re-entered the harbour.

We didn't find any sign of Peter Easton, or of his treasure, but we did have a glorious day.

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