Friday, June 22, 2012

First day of summer


Eight of us met Thursday evening for our usual practice/social/paddle a St. Philips.

Some of us were content to paddle around, some got wet intentionally and Dean got wet when he cracked off his Greenland paddle doing a roll.  Brian to the rescue as a few looked on.

 Where's my spare

I accompanied Dean back to the harbour to get his spare as he alternately paddled on both sides with half of his paddle, and at a good pace too I might add. 

There they are

When Dean and I came out into the cove again there was no sign of the crowd.  They had decided to amble along the shore towards Portugal Cove.   After a while we spotted them low against the shoreline.

Bright sunshine

It was a beautiful evening on the first full day of summer with the sun brightly shining upon the rocky cliffs.


 The angle of the sun cast shadows highlighting the deeply etched rocks.

In the shade

 At Sailing Point the channel was in deep shadow ...


 .... except between the rocks of the channel it was still bright as I caught Gary paddling through.


We turned at Beachy Cove to paddle back back to St. Philips.  We felt a little less rugged in our drysuits at Beachy Cove where we watched a couple of kids swimming in the cool ocean water without thermal protection.

Emerald scene

Dean and I paddled up the river when we arrived back at St. Philips to wash out our gear in the fresh water.  The rest of the gang took out on the beach.  It had been an entertaining evening.

The sea was calm, the day warm and brilliant and the evening as long as it gets.  It wasn't all "work" as we concluded with a short relaxed paddle.  Its what we do Thursday evenings; a good excuse to get on the water.


  1. always interesting when out-of-the-ordinary events happen during our Thursday Social...

  2. Agreed Dean, that's a good reason for having these sessions.

    Tony :-)