Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Unemployed and liking it

Out of the gate

Dean is between jobs. He isn't starting his new job for two weeks so technically, he's unemployed. But that's not a problem, just more chances to paddle for him and therefore also for me.

Today we drove the 75 kms from St. John's to Cape Broyle where we had spectacular weather for a great day on the water.

Brilliant sunshine

Anyone who has paddled Cape Broyle will know the script. Put in and paddle up the north side to the falls. Paddle up to the falls and let the cascading water drum on the foredeck. Today the falls were bathed in brilliant sunshine.


Where the water splashed gently into the sea the sun conjured up a rainbow in the spray.

Between a rock and a hard place

Next on the script its cross over to the south side and paddle east. We are sometimes such creatures of habit that its painful to think that we are so controlled.

Coming thru

The water was too low really to enter this cave but a gentle swell and good timing meant we could ride over the rocks guarding the entrance.


It was starting to warm up and a shower was in order. The last time I paddled here was in February. Then a shower was also in order but a fair bit colder.

Inside looking out

We got into every cave today. The bright sunshine overwhelmed the camera looking out of the cave.

Basking in the sun

As I exited I took note of the seaweed clinging to the rocks in the bright sunshine while underwater it swayed as if to say I had better get going again.


So, I did get going onto the next cave. There the rocks seemed to be phosphorescent glowing in purples, greens and burnt umbers. I thought it was magical.

Again I exited into the sunshine and before long lunch was calling myself and Dean. We took out at Lance Cove and had our lunch before continuing into the afternoon.


  1. Looks like a great day for a paddle in Cape Broyle... Nice shots, I like the one of the kelp in the sunshine.

  2. Thanks Tobias. The pictures don't lie, it was a beautiful day and a pleasant surprise to have someone to paddle with on a week day.

    Tony :-)