Sunday, April 1, 2012

Going solo

Every picture tells a story

Friday I did an impromptu paddle close to home. We were expecting a late winter storm bringing 30 cm snow. I wanted to get a paddle in before it hit. I went by myself. I'm glad I did because we got it as forecast.

Solo, I'm on my own timetable. I can take my time to have a reflective look at things that may not catch the attention of a group. Like, just sitting in the kayak watching and hearing the pitter-patter of water dropping onto the deck. Or, thinking about the massive forces unleashed when the Topsail Fault ruptured, evidenced by the micro and macro structures in these rocks.

Rocks on left and right

I have to be in a certain frame of mind to paddle solo. Most of the time though, I prefer the company of paddle friends. I lose a bit of independence but I gain so much more. I really notice that when we stop for coffee after a paddle. These guys and girls are not just people I paddle with, these are people I feel comfortable with and consider friends.

A picture like this really needs a kayaker or two.

The Bell Island ferry

I reached Portugal Cove just as the ferry Nonia was leaving for Bell Island. I sat and wondered if they saw me. They were people going somewhere doing something. Maybe in a hurry, maybe not. I don't know.

I sat and watched a while as the ferry chugged across the Tickle. I was in no hurry as I turned, stuck the paddle into the water and was carried back on the gentle swell. I felt happy and that is priceless.

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