Wednesday, April 18, 2012

To Cathedral Cave and return

Me and my shadow

After stopping for lunch at Lance Cove I appeared to cast a slightly bigger shadow *lol* though I'm not a big guy.

Sun drenched

We got back on the water and decided to paddle out towards the headland where we'd have a look at Cathedral Cave.

Even an iceberg

As we entered Church Cove we spotted a berg near the beach. It was a totally unexpected bonus on a very enjoyable paddle up to that point. Dean and I went to have a closer look.

Indigo blue

On the side away from the sun the light cast a bluish tinge as it penetrated the iceberg.

Looking out the front door

A short paddle away we entered Cathedral Cave. It was the second time I'd been in the cave this year. It was calm and water dripped from the roof echoing in the vast chamber.

The back end

At the rear of the cave the sea has almost carved an exit to the cove beyond. There was just one more rock to wash away and when it goes we'll be able to get through. A passage may be possible in a spring tide with a bit of swell and a plastic boat that can take a pounding, just in case.

Sea stack

After hanging out in the cave for a while we paddled back across Church Cove and back into Lance Cove, dominated by a massive sea stack.

Caught in the weeds

Often I find that the outward leg of a paddle is relaxed and the inward, return, leg is a sprint back to where we put in. Dean and I agreed we'd take our time as there was no hurry to get back. We retraced our paddle strokes again paddling around rocks, occasionally getting stuck in the seaweed when the water drained away.

Arriving back at the beach Dean checked the GPS which clocked us at just over 19 kms. A coffee at the nearby restaurant before we returned home put a nice finishing touch on a thoroughly enjoyable day.

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