Sunday, April 15, 2012

A little motivational assist

Getting underway

Saturday evening a group paddle seemed to be going nowhere. I only had a narrow window in time for a Sunday paddle. As others seemed to try to organize something I mailed that they should carry on without me because I planned to get out for a short paddle by myself.

Sunday morning when I got out of bed I said to myself "Nah, I'll stay home". That was until I read my mail from three of the guys who said they would meet me at St. Philips. That was just the little motivational push I needed.

Bright sunshine

As we made our way along the shore I thought to myself that I was glad to get that little push. The guy's desire to paddle was contagious.

Through here

Just a little bit of swell at near low tide made for interesting paddling through rocky passages. Getting through meant the swell pushing the kayak first to one side and then towards the other as the water drained away.

On the rocks

Clyde likes that zone between the sea and the land. Sometimes the line gets blurred like today when he transitioned from the sea to the land in his kayak. A surprise swell picked him up and deposited him up on the rocks. I joked I would get a picture but not post it on my blog. Oops!

He kept calm, waited for the next swell big enough to refloat himself and got out of the jamb.

It turned out to be a shortish paddle of 12 km but was still filled with enough excitement to have made it worth getting out. Today I had Clyde, Gary and Neville to thank for giving me that pick-me-up. It would not have happened for me otherwise.

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