Friday, January 13, 2012

The next big adventure

Merasheen beckons in the distance

Last year four of us paddled around Long Island in Placentia Bay. It was a three day 90 km paddle. As we paddled down the inside channel along the coast of Long Island, Merasheen Island lay to our right. Somewhere beside a beach fire the seeds were planted for a circumnavigation of Merasheen next year, now this year.

The initial call went out recently for expressions of interest and it looks like possibly a party of five for the trip. Merasheen is a bigger island making the trip close to 135 kilometers so the plan is to take more time and to take our time. Over the next few months we'll be busy pouring over maps, checking out air photos, planning menus and making all the other plans that comes with a trip of this nature.

I am already getting so excited.


  1. Sounds like an awesome trip! Sometimes the planning can be just as fun!

  2. On a unrelated topic. That pic as your header..did you see the gross amount of garbage thrown from the house above all over that cliff? Unreal!!

  3. The anticipation is part of the trip Lee. As far as the garbage goes, no I must confess I didn't notice. Though, its not uncommon in Nfld to do that is it. Someday people will wise up.

    Tony :-)