Monday, January 2, 2012

Batting 1.000

The protected Quidi Vidi

So far I've paddled everyday this year.

Jim P started a tradition of wetting the boats on New Year's Day at Quidi Vidi. Some years its a challenge as it was weatherwise this year. Easterly winds at 30 - 35 knots and driving rain. Eight of us showed up to keep the tradition going but we had to content ourselves with staying in the inner harbour. The waves pounding into the entrance precluded venturing outside. No matter, we were out and we got the year off to a good start.

Some shots of the crew out today follow.


One of da boys. All of the pictures of Clyde playing in the soup had raindrops on the lens so this is him in a more placid shot touring the different sheds lining the Gut.


Colleen, living in Quidi Vidi, didn't have far to travel to the put-in. The only gal to brave the elements so a thumbs up on that.


Kayak Newfoundland and Labador's president, leading by example!


Gary's place overlooks Quidi Vidi Gut, was going to watch football but saw us and came out anyway.


The G-man in Malcolm's "Dauntless".


One of the more skilled.


Mike looks happy and not just because he's paddling on New Year's Day! I won't tell Mike.

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