Sunday, January 22, 2012

A historic first

Winter outing

Kayak Newfoundland and Labrador offers club paddles during the spring, summer and fall. Up to this year a winter club paddle has never been offered. That is about to change.

A group of us recently approached the Board to put a winter paddle on the Calendar of Events. The Board has agreed with certain provisions for legal purposes. The guidelines imposed by the Board include: mandating the paddle as a Level II paddle (i.e. not a beginner paddle), all participants must wear a drysuit, there must be accessible take-outs, moderate winds and no extreme cold weather.

All this is pretty obvious but they must do their due diligence. We're hoping to get a few more people out to enjoy the winter season and thereby increase the numbers of people paddling all year round.


  1. Hopefully it will get more into the joys of winter paddling. Its been a windy season but some of the best stellar days I've paddled have been in the winter this year.

    Board guidelines diligence...YUCK!! lol

  2. Ya, we have to be diligent for our own and the Board's protection from legal proceedings in the event of a mishap. Its an unfortunate sign of the times.

    Tony :-)