Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A visit to the dentist and an angry sea

Hole in the sky

A visit to the dentist for two fillings left me with one side of my mouth totally numb, uncomfortably numb. About 2:30 I started to get some feeling back and the sky looked to maybe yield some interesting cloud formations so I made a quick jaunt to St. Philips thinking I'd head to Portugal Cove and catch the sunset coming back.


I got to the put-in as the wind picked up and clouds rolled in along with a few snow flurries. Discretion is the best part of valour so I paddled squares well outside of the cove. Seas weren't big but choppy as wind waves from the west interacted with a sizeable but gentle swell from the north. Across an angry and disturbed sea The Beach was highlighted by the sun on Bell Island.


Patience didn't pay off as there wouldn't be any spectacular sunset this evening. Instead, the clouds became more ominous as the setting sun tried to go down in a blaze of orange and red. Only the slimmest wedge of colour showed itself on the horizon.

Putting my boat back on my car my freezing hands distracted me from my earlier dental work. Nonetheless, I was happy I had taken the hour and a half to bounce around in the waves.


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  2. Maybe I should take a trip to NY, by kayak *lol*

    Tony :-)

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  8. I am so jealous! Your trip sounds amazing. I don't know that after a visit to the dentist for dental implants or anything else for that matter that I would be up to an excursion like this. It looks like it was definitely worth it though.