Monday, November 14, 2011

Looking up the sleeve

A slot in the rocks

An open invitation to paddle along the Southern Shore attracted three. Clyde, Dean and I put-in at Tors Cove and paddled south to the resettled community of La Manche. That would be French for "The sleeve".

Leaving Tors Cove we paddled through our first channel.

Boiling water

There was a gentle swell rolling in that really kicked up as it entered shallow water and crashed over offshore rocks. These places were a lot of fun to paddle through on the day.

On the rock

There are two submerged rocks in the middle of the cove in Bauline South. The swell washing over the rocks created a fun area to play in as we skirted on the edges. As the water sucked back we could look down the three meters at the exposed rocks and right there in the middle of it all was a seal, also having a fun day.


Passing Bauline Head and heading into La Manche Bay we were fully exposed to the swell. Paddling close to the shoreline made for excellent paddling. First being pushed from one side and then the other by the clapotis rebounding from the cliffs.

Entering La Manche

Handrailing along the shore we arrived at the site of the former community of La Manche dominated now by the suspension footbridge constructed by the East Coast Trail Association.

Lunch perch

Easy to see how the place got called "The sleeve" from this vantage point where we stopped for lunch.

Checking it out

After we had eaten we had a walk about checking out the old foundations of houses that clung to the land. La Manche was settled in 1847 and had a population of 54 by 1949 but was abandoned in 1966.

Here's a link to some old photos of La Manche at the MUN resettlement site.

Off again

Clyde and Dean pulled out amidst boulders. I opted for the gently sloping seaweed covered rocks. They though I was being anti-social; I was just being protective of my kayak. In the distance they were getting back into their boats as we got underway again.

Cape Neddick

Back in the boats we south towards Cape Neddick where we played in the rocks and swell again before making a beeline crossing of La Manche Bay and back to Tors Cove. A very enjoyable November day and another 20 kms under our belts.


  1. Beauty shots Tony and a beautiful looking day.

  2. Thanks Stan. It was a good day especially as I haven't had a day paddle in a while. It was good to get away from St. Philips.

    Tony :-)