Sunday, November 20, 2011

Too much of a good thing

Rear view shot

Today was the first time I've been in the boat in a week. I have a confession to make ... I had had enough of paddling after last weekend. Last weekend at Tors Cove was the 116th time in the kayak this year and I needed some time away.

After a week, it felt like meeting a lost friend.


Five of us met at St. Philips again for some play time because it wasn't fit for a day paddle. Paddle upwind and turn to catch the following sea for surf rides. I know when I've caught a good ride because the skeg vibrates and hums as the kayak is shot forward.

Blowing by

In between surf rides, a bunch of rolls in the waves rolling in from southwest and an assisted rescue after Clyde came out of his boat. After two hours, three of us had a coffee at the restaurant overlooking the cove and chatted about the afternoon.

It wasn't anything very exciting to share but there are days like that. On this day it was good to put Stardust back in the water.


  1. Im on day 8 sans le kayaking. I envy you right now...I'm going crazy!!

  2. Hopefully you'll get your wheels back soon Lee. Don't know yet what the weekend holds. If you still don't have a ride then maybe one of us close to you can give you a lift.

    Tony :-)