Friday, November 11, 2011

Jan van Hoof


Today is Remembrance Day. A day set aside on the calendar when we remember those who laid down their lives for freedom. No, I didn't go to a ceremony this year. I have in the past but its taken on the air of a photo op for politicians so, this year, I didn't go. I remembered in my own way.

In the shadows

I went for a paddle with Dean. It seemed fitting as I would not have been able to do this without the sacrifice of Canadian soldiers made to free Holland.


To most Canadians, Remembrance Day is just that, a day of remembrance. For me, its not just a day to remember, its a day to be thankful.

Right on thru

Thankful to not only the soldiers of Canada but also the soldiers of the Dutch Resistance. Jan van Hoof was one. He is credited with cutting the wires to explosives attached to Nijmegen Bridge and thereby saved the bridge during Operation Market Garden.

He was subsequently captured while guiding American troops through Nijmegen, beaten and summarily shot to death. Dutch resistance fighters, you see, were not recognized a combatants but as traitors.

Mini tide race

So, I remember and I wonder, when will they put an end to war? Maybe when they pick up paddles rather than rifles.

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