Sunday, November 27, 2011

Familiar faces


Anyone who follows my blog will be familiar with the names Clyde and Dean. I took a few pictures again today even though we paddled familiar territory. After our paddle Dean said "people are going to say, here are pictures of Clyde and Dean again". Ho hum. Not! I suppose after a while one kayak picture looks much like any other but there's always something different anyway ... in this case the different coloured, tortured rocks in the Topsail Fault zone.


I keep track of each paddle by date and location. I should also keep a record of who I paddled with. I don't have any numbers but if I did I'd guess I've paddled the most with Dean this year. He's a kayakoholic. What does that say about me?

Watching Dean paddle around rocks and in the soup today I could only marvel over how much he's progressed in a couple of years. Three years ago he couldn't keep upright. Now he goes were he wants.

Setting sun

We landed in Portugal Cove to stretch our legs before returning to St. Philips as the sun was going down. It wasn't windy as forecasted but there was a fair bit of chop anyway. Especially, paddling along the interface of land and sea.

A coffee afterwards capped off a totally thrilling day of paddling, a day when everything seemed to come together, even good friends.


  1. yeah, when I bought my kayak I couldn't even stay upright in it on flat water. I kept telling people I would learn to paddle or drown trying... well, I did swallow some water along the way but I haven't drowned to date...

    Thanks for the paddle today... it was one of the most fun ones for me this year...

  2. It sure was a good one even though it was along familiar territory. An action filled day. One of the best in a while too for me.

    Tony :-)