Sunday, February 26, 2017

Long Island 2011: The Summary

Doing a bit of housekeeping and continuing with a summary of recent trips.

This summary is one of a three day trip we did doing a circumnavigation of Long Island in Placentia Bay.

Day 1: Paddle from Arnolds Cove to Spencers Cove: Link
             Paddle from Spencers Cove to Port Royal: Link

Day 2: Paddle from Port Royal to Harbour Buffett: Link
             Paddle from Harbour Buffett to Haystack: Link

Day 3: Return to Arnolds Cove: Link


  1. It was a great trip. Hard to believe it was nearly six years ago!

    1. Yup, the start of many adventures.

      I'm doing some maintenance for the club so they can post a link on their site to various trip reports.