Saturday, February 25, 2017

Making do with the weather

When there's nothing to talk about around here there's always the weather.  Its been cold, snowy, rainy and windy of late.  The cold, snow and rain I can deal with but ...

... the wind is another issue.  There's not a lot of appetite to paddle in below zero temperatures and 20 - 25 knot winds.

Several years ago it too was cold but not so windy that I paddled pretty much every weekend.

This year it didn't seem like I paddled at all ...

... except, to my chagrin, until I checked my log.  Turns out I've been on the water so far seven times, almost once a week.

So, I can't complain about the paddling but I can complain about the weather.   Again, except today when there was no wind to speak of.  However, commitments kept me to a short paddle.  Short paddle means close by but at least it was on the water.

Thanks Brian for sharing the outing.  Short but sweet.


  1. It's true Tony... last winter it was every weekend and it was routine... the question was just Saturday or Sunday and where we were putting in. Sorry I missed that little window Saturday! Looks nice! :)

    1. It was a short relaxing paddle which was just what the doctor ordered because I didn't need a workout!!!