Thursday, March 9, 2017

Blue sky day at Brocks Pond Falls

After a gut busting workout at the gym I passed on the cardio there and decided I'd beat it home, get the kayak out and do my cardio outside.  What to do?  It was still winter as the buoys were wearing their icy caps but spring is not far off.  I thought of Brocks Pond Falls which would be frozen now but not for much longer.  So, its decided, Brocks it was.

The icicles hanging off the cliffs are still spectacular but nothing like I expected the falls to be.

Making my way north Brocks Head appeared in the distance.  It was a ways off but under crystal clear blue skies and no wind it was a glorious day on the water.  It was about the journey, not the destination.

My favourite channel to paddle through.

At Portugal Cove the ferry was just leaving for Bell Island.  Perfect timing for it meant I could just paddle across the mouth of the cove without having to paddle in and around to avoid getting caught by it in mid-channel.

Past Portugal Cove the cliffs dropped straight down to the sea and then straight on down to the depths.  They are the hard rocks of the Harbour Main volcanics and the oldest rocks of the Avalon Peninsula.

Brocks Head in the distance but just around the nearest point, Hag Nose Head, I knew I was getting very close to ...

... the target for the day.  The water coming out of Brocks Pond up on the plateau falls over 100 meters here to reah the sea.  It was mostly a mass of frozen water but there was visible water running and also under the ice.

The falls are a spectacular sight in summer but more so in winter I find.  Especially on a sunny blue sky day which made the ice and snow seem that much more white.  Content, I retraced my paddle strokes and as I approahed Portugal Cove again I ran into ...

... the leading edge of the low pressure system forecasted to bring freezing rain and rain the next day.  While the day didn't end under clear blue skies, I had gotten the best of it.  The way the weather has been lately its best to take advantage of every opportunity.  Awesome day!!!


  1. So lucky Tony!! And so happy for you to get that paddle in! :)I wish I could be out there with you! It's been too long again since I paddled by ice falls and caves.... and snow covered cliffs :).... soon ! ...Sooon!! :)

    1. Thanks Cathy! My PFD wasn't even dry from the pool the night before. The weekend again *jeesh* doesn't look good.