Saturday, February 18, 2017

Whitewater, the frozen kind

With high winds and low expectations of a paddle I proposed getting out in our short boats and use them for some childhood fun - sliding.

Shane and I met at the concert venue in Paradise where the hill was covered in crusty snow.

The crusty snow made for some speedy runs down the hill and ...

... had us suckin' for air pulling the kayaks back up the hill.

It was a hoot.  I could not stop laughing.

The icy crust on the snow made it precarious getting in and getting set up, maintaining position without setting off when not quite ready.  Steering was also an issue as the paddle skimmed over the surface without being able to place a stern rudder.

The ride downhill was at breakneck speed with the kayak spinning around to all points on the compass and out of control.

After an hour the biting wind drove us off the hill and to the coffee shop.  We'll do that again hoping we've sold the rest of the gang on how much fun it was.


 Shane recorded some video of the festivities  which is more indicative of the hoot we had.  Here's a link to the YouTube clip.

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