Thursday, June 23, 2016

Flying home

After a weekend of high winds and a Sunday commitment that kept me off the water I was happy for Wednesday evening to arrive.  It was windy also but that was a good thing.  The wind was blowing at 15 - 20 knots generating small wind waves.

We paddled along the shore where there was just enough ...

... action for novice Ryan to get a taste.  Sadly, again, the pictures don't do the conditions justice.

We paddled between the rocks.

Behind the "Rock of Ages" it was calm as the SW wind generated waves were prevented from entering.

At "Harald Bluetooth" we turned, paddled somewhat out into the bay until the SW wind waves were at our backs and lined up with the cove at St. Philips.

That's when the fun began as we surfed back to the cove.  I regretted I didn't have my GPS with me for I knew I literally flew at times and I wondered what kinds of speed I was reaching.  Other times I only had to put the paddle in the water occasionally to keep the kayak moving.

I find the Nordkapp a wonderful boat to surf.  Without trying I arrived back at the cove well ahead of the other guys so I went up the river to wash up by myself.  Just as I arrived it began to rain heavily as the raindrop danced on the fresh water.

It was a fun few hours and a mid-week treat.

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