Sunday, June 26, 2016

A waterhaul in Flatrock for pumpkin chutney

Saturday Brian Cathy, Des, Gary, Hazen, Terry and I met at Middle Cove for a paddle to Flatrock.  As we readied the kayaks to put-in Cathy said her sister Julie would be waiting for us in Flatrock with pumpkin chutney.  Not only was the day starting out with the anticipation of a fantastic paddle along a stunning coastline but also the exotic taste of pumpkin chutney.

Under blue skies without a cloud we left Middle Cove.

The sea was perfectly still even at Motion between Middle Cove and Torbay where the slightest swell causes challenging conditions.

We crossed the cove at Torbay without going int the community and reached our first cave of the day which of course ...

... we had to probe and explore.

Where we put-in at Middle Cove we could see there would be an iceberg in our day and soon we came a bergy bit.  Brian went over and chipped off a chunk.

The sun beat down on the imposing cliffs giving the black slates a purplish tinge.

As we entered Church Cove the grey to black slates gave way to the conglomerates and sandstones of the Cabot Group of sedimentary rocks stretching all the way to Flatrock.

The group ahead is dwarfed by vertical cliffs.

Near Flatrock Point a small, tabular iceberg floated.  Small chunks hissed effervescently as air bubbles trapped in the ice for thousands of years escaped the melting ice.  It was the same fizzle of bubbles when a soft drink is poured into a glass.

Within reach of Flatrock Point we paddled through this channel.  The sea was calm but on a day where it is more active the rocks to the right provide protection from the maddening waters.

The rocks at Flatrock Point extend out under the water and is known as "The Beemer".  There a little bit of swell provided enough surge to catch surf rides for 10 minutes or so before paddling down into Flatrock for ...

... our lunch stop.

At this point we were hoping to see Julie and the *lol* pumpkin chutney that would add spice to our fare but, alas, there was no Julie.  Cathy tried texting but evidently she had gone hiking and we came up with a waterhaul (known as pulling a fish net without catching anything).

No matter, we didn't come for the chutney.  Our reward was lunch under warm blue skies and the sharing of companionship.  It doesn't get any better than that.


  1. She was so disappointed to find out we were there and she missed us time! :)... and I very much agree with your last 2 statements :)

  2. I hope she realizes the chutney thing was just having a bit of fun.

    Tony :-)