Monday, June 27, 2016

A glorious day is finished at Middle Cove

Finished lunch in Flatrock we set off on the return leg too Middle Cove.  A man was taking pictures of us.  Turns out he was from the Netherlands.  For me, "een kans om een beetje nederlands te praten", a chance to speak a little Dutch.  I dallied too long while the group paddled on.  I said my good-bye and dug in to catch the crowd which I did a kilometer further at the Beemer.  They were playing riding the surge of the submerged extension of Flatrock Point.

Done playing we paddled back down the channel south of the Point and ...

... check out the iceberg again.  Some of us grabbed some of the chunks floating around.  I threw a good size piece into the cockpit hoping its size would help it survive in the heat.

As we passed by the cliffs we noticed a group of climbers had arrived to climb.  I zoomed and ...

... caught one on the rock face.

Massive slabs of rock loom over Cathy in this cave.

Terry and I check out another cave paddling over indigo coloured waters.

As we approached Torbay the sun highlighted the petrified ripples of and ancient seafloor of the Neoproterozoic.  You would need to click on the image to enlarge to see the ripples just at 11:00 of Brian's cap.  Sedimentary rocks are dated by reference to fossils they contain.  As these rocks date from before the emergence of complex life they cannot be dated with accuracy and are ascribed to a period from 1 billion to 541 million years ago.  That's a long time for ripples to survive.

As on the paddle to Flatrock we crossed across the cove and did not go down into Torbay.  We explored some of the caves between Torbay and Middle Cove.  This one was a beauty that ran ...

... deep into the rocks.  Hard to get a good clear shot because there's not enough light for the camera to auto-focus.

Running out of caves we round a bend and catch sight of the beach at Middle Cove.  When we left in the morning around 9:30 there were only a few people to see us off but ...

... when we returned the beach was crowded with people out enjoying the super weather.

I checked my piece of iceberg I had collected and 90% of it had turned to water.  Realizing what was left would not survive the trip home, I spotted  group who would appreciate the ice for their drinks.

Brian, Cathy and Des had to leave directly.  Gary, Hazen, Terry and I stopped for a coffee before heading home.  It was a most fantastic day along a spectacular coast with high cliffs, caves and this day, one iceberg.

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  1. What a fabulous day!!! The iceberg was trying to jump the rock... I thought we were going to see it crumble over that shelf!
    It was fun to greet the children on shore and see how excited they were to receive ice berg ice!! :) Thanks for a super day guys! :)