Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Cape Broyle in the heat - Part 2

After stopping fr lunch at Lance Cove we got back on the water to paddle to check out ...

... Cathedral Cave.  There the red sandstone beds have been tilted to near 90 degrees and the sea has found a zone of weakness to carve out a ...

... deep, massive cave.  Its called "Cathedral Cave" for good reason.  Oddly, only Cathy and Dean joined me in the cave while the rest paddle on.

After we had our fill of Cathedral Cave we followed the gang east and out to North Point.  As we neared the Point we could feel the swell running from the northeast.

Under clouds billowing in an otherwise blue sky we bobbed about for a bit having a sight of the coast north and south as far as the eye could see.

On our way back to the take-out we stopped at Freshwater Cove for a break.  Some of us cooled off in the waterfall in the cove.  This was something we would not have been able to do in March when we last paddled here because ...

... the waterfall was frozen solid.  Reminds me of some song called Turn, turn, turn".

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  1. there is a season... there is a reason...and a time for every purpose under heaven :)
    So happy to be sharing these times with all of you!THANK YOU!!!