Monday, October 19, 2015

Catching the weather window

The forecast for Sunday was windy and rain, but in the afternoon.  There was a weather window for three hours.  Eight of us took advantage of it to get a paddle in.  Because the forecast could be off we decided on close by with an option for an easy return to the put-in in case winds arrived early.

We met at St. Philips and waiting for all of us to get on the water we saw some whales north of us.  That decided it.  Clyde, Gerard, Shane and I paddled into the bay hoping to get near.  Brian, Cathy, Dean and Derek paddled along the shore.

The minke whales were busy feeding and elusive.  I had several sightings close by but they evaded capture on my camera.

We returned to the shore and the group reformed for a relaxed paddle to Portugal Cove.



Derek and Shane

Brian, Dean and Gerard



Portugal Cove is just 4 kms from St. Philips.  When we arrived back at St Philips Brian, Clyde, Dean and Derek called it a day.  Cathy, Gerard, Shane and I decided to paddle the 6 kms to Topsail Beach.  As we made our way south we could see a rain front approaching.

At first it just pecked  few drops.  It didn't bother us in the least.

Even a few small ducklings we out.  The rain drops were like water on a ducks back but ...

... we could not escape the rain forever and it got cold.

It was an uncomfortable change into street clothes back at St. Philips harbour.  We had pushed past the weather window but it was worth it.  Thanks to everyone who showed up.

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