Thursday, October 8, 2015

All good things come to an end

We've been meeting mid-week, every week at St. Philips since April 9th.  Its been another, our 8th, enjoyable year with a mid-week diversion and chance to paddle.  Last evening it was the end of the road as its getting dark too early.  I joined five other die hard paddlers.

Many evenings over the spring, summer and fall it was calm so we went for a short evening paddle.  On our last night the wind was calm; the sea wasn't.

Shane was one of the new paddlers who began attending his year.  We had a chat.  He said he remembered his first evening when it was a bit like last evening.  He was outside his comfort zone but Dean, he said, kept a close eye on him.  Now, so many months later he ventured into the soup caused by the crashing swell.  He's grown tremendously as a paddler.

We left St. Philips cove 6ish.  With darkness about to fall, we only went as far as Beachy Cove.  On the way back latecomer Cathy joined us for the return paddle.  The shot is not very sharp as the dim light didn't give the camera anything to focus on.  But, you get the picture.

By the time we got back in the cove it was dark.

We had a stealthy paddle into the harbour as the lights of houses shone on the water.

Some 20 paddlers joined us at different times over the summer.  On average we had 8 - 10.  I'd say it was a successful season.  Shane is evidence of that.

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