Monday, October 12, 2015

A bounce in St. Philips

Saturday was wet and with winds southerly at 25 knots gusting to 35.  Not very appealing.  Sunday the winds veered SW and blowing at 20 with gusts to 25.  Eight of us decided too have a bounce in St. Philips.  The cove is fairly protected inside the south point while the sea in the bay can be a mass of whitecaps.

The plan was to ...

... beat into the waves and surf back into the cove and repeat.

I decided I'd have more fun (I wouldn't have to stop to take pictures) if I took my GoPro, shoot some video and export stills.  Trouble is, with it mounted on my helmet I couldn't see what I was recording.  I ended up with more water than sky and ...

... I needed to get a lot closer, unless ...

... like Hazen, he came to me.

Not all impressed I edited some of the video and limited to 100 Mbs for upload to Blogger I got just under 50 seconds ...

... as a sample of what it was like.  The video really gets downgraded on upload so its not worth viewing in full screen.

There's a lot of benefit to having a bounce.  There's learning what its like to paddle in wind and waves in case the weather turns foul on a good day, there's learning how to control the kayak running downwind and there's learning to paddle in larger beam seas.  Its also getting into the kayak on a day when paddling otherwise may not happen.

Thanks to Brian, Cathy, Derek, Gary, Hazen, Julie and Shane for sharing a couple of fun hours.

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