Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Return to Tors Cove

Finished our lunch in LaManche the six of us began our paddle back to Tors Cove handrailing along the coast in LaManche Bay.

Dean and I paddled a bit closer to shore where the water was more active.

On the way to LaManche we had paddled outside of the islands on the horizon.  On the return we paddled between the islands and the coast.  The wind and swell behind us made short and easy work of our paddle and before long we passed Ship Island.

Dean with Ship Island in the background.

Pete taking the direct route in front of Fox Island.

Just over 20 kilometes after leaving Tors Cove we were back.  It was another great day on the water with seabirds, caves and like minded paddling buddies.  Thanks guys.

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