Saturday, May 18, 2013

Looking for change in all the same places

A familiar place with a familiar paddling friend.  I'm beginning to become acutely aware that some of my pictures are starting to look the same.  Different places but the same composition.  So, today on a short paddle with Dean I tried for some variations on the kayak theme.

Still the same kayaker but interesting reflections in the water.  Here, the rocks on the sea bottom were white but due to an overcast sky, there wasn't enough light penetration to highlight them.  Nevertheless, the little ripples in the water gave a nice effect to the reflected Dean, trees and rocks.

Further along, I noticed the sea urchins populating the rocks, some of which had a pinkish tint with various sea weeds and mosses growing on them.  I plunged the camera int the water and hoped.

In the shallower water, as we neared Topsail Beach, seaweed grew up from the bottom and in the low tide, was able to break the surface.  Again I plunged the camera int the water not knowing how the shot would turn out.  The reflection on the underside of the sea's surface was an interesting effect.

And, again here.  This part of our sea kayaking environment could make for even more interesting pictures if they were manipulated with imaging software.

At Topsail Beach the sun tried to shine through.  The subdued light emphasized the seaweed as it floated on the surface but ...

... could be embellished with the addition of my paddling friend Dean.  A sea kayak blog should, after all, include some shots of a kayak.


  1. those underwater seaweed pics are nice... They might be interesting if you turned them upside down... they might look sort of like they are on top of the water reflecting on the surface ... and I know what you mean about the pictures starting to look the same... I must admit I get a little excited when someone other than you comes for a paddle... new subject material is certainly a welcome site...

  2. I'm must be starting to look a bit stale on your blog *lol*

    Tony :-)