Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Getting the boot ... out of Shoe Cove

After our lunch stop we got back on our horses to retrace our tracks back to Flatrock.  Heading east just out of Shoe Cove, Shoe Cove Island was our target.  The swell was too large and the tide too low to chance the opening between the island and the land ...

... so we paddled around the outside of the island.  The swell crashed everywhere the land got in its way.

Rounding Blackhead North we could see all the way down the coast.

The swell running from the east created swaths of foamy water.

Ferry Point at Dogs Hole looked interesting which we could see ...

... as we got closer.

Dean and I swung into Red Head Cove whereas Brian, Neville and Sean paddled across the mouth of the cove.

We were all together again after we passed Red Head paddling south alongside deeply etched rocks and before long ...

... we had the takeout at Flatrock in front of our bows.

It was a perfect day for a paddle.  Little wind but good open ocean conditions created by swell and clapotis.  We had to stay offshore a bit because getting caught inside the break zone would have resulted in serious consequences.

As Sean and I neared home on the drive back we drove along Conception Bay.  It was completely mirror calm.  A big difference on Sunday from the exposed east coast of the Avalon Peninsula.


  1. Definately a perfect day for a paddle... I think I would have to put it as my number one paddle so far this year...

  2. I'd have to agree with you on that Dean!

    Tony :-)