Friday, May 24, 2013

A good Thursday turnout

A group of us gets together every Thursday evening for kayak practice.  We got going on April 4th this year but up till last evening it was the usual 4 or 5 paddlers.  Last evening 11 people showed up.  That may be an indication the weather is warming up.

Paddling is more than just going in a straight line.  Admittedly, 90% or more of the time we only use the forward stroke.  For me, getting proficient using the other and corrective strokes is what makes kayaking fun.  In particular, using and combining various strokes.  I did some of that last evening before the crew decided they wanted to go for a short paddle.


  1. My wife and I bought a tandem kayak a Crosswind last fall and only got out once. We are doing a level 1 course on June 6th. Still a bit intimidated but determined to get over it and exited to start this new experience. When and where do u have these practices. Is anyone welcome even novice doubles. Really enjoying all the great blogs....Thanks...Chris

  2. Chris, we meet at St. Philips every Thursday evening rain or shine. Most show up 5:30 - 6:00. Everyone is welcome but (and here is the legalese) each makes their own decision to participate and assumes responsibility for their own safety. Its is not a "guided" event, just similarly minded kayakers getting together to develop skills and socialize. I would strongly advise to wear appropriate thermal protection in case of a swim.

    Tony :-)