Thursday, November 29, 2012

Torngat trip

Last night we got our first dump of snow and as the snow fell outside, I took in a presentation of Lev and company's trip this past summer to northern Labrador.  They paddled on some of the most isolated coast on the planet under the Torngat Mountains of the same named national park.

The Labrador coast is as isolated as Alaska.  Alaska, much younger by comparison, is made up of exotic terranes that have accreted to the continent.  Labrador, on the other hand, represents the roots of the continent.  Its rocks are primarily gneisses formed under tremendous heat and pressure deep in the Earth.

The threesome paddled some 650 kms over a 30 day period from Nain to Nachvak Fjord.  The average temperature was 5 C, the sun was rarely seen and the threat of polar bears constant.  Its an extreme paddle.  Lev has some pictures of the ancient rocks, vistas and a polar bear on his site.

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