Monday, November 26, 2012

Meeting the buzzsaw

I have a tablesaw that I've used safely for twenty-five years, until Saturday.  Still can't figure out how it happened, it happened so quickly.  One thing for sure, flesh can't compete with a carbide tipped blade.  Luckily, I didn't cut off my thumb but I did give it a good scare.  Its a nasty looking wound that after two days has finally stopped weeping.  It could have been a whole lot worse and I'm sure it will heal fully.  It will test my patience.

In the meantime my paddling has been restricted to YouTube.  I found some excellent clips of a bunch of paddlers from California dubbed "Neptune's Rangers".  They're in shorter playboats but still some of the places and situations they get into are, shall I say, entertaining.  Look for them on YouTube.  Just don't try any of this stuff in a fibreglass kayak.


  1. Your lucky to not have lost the thumb... a thumbless paddler would have difficulty...

  2. Ouch! That could have been bad.. Glad to hear you seem to be ok. All the best, Tobias

  3. Thanks guys. I looked in disbelief at what I'd done and then felt nauseous. It hurt like hell but is on the mend. I consoled myself by reminding myself that it could have been a lot worse. I had the blade only 1/4 inch higher than the 2x4 I was sawing, any higher and it would not have turned out as it did.

    It will take some time but hopefully I can get out this weekend with it partially healed. The salt water may be good for it. *lol*

    Tony :-)

  4. well, if you had lost the thumb we'd of named you 'Tony no thumb' or Four finger Tony' and then just duct tape your hand to the paddle and off we'd go... kidding aside, just goes to show how quick stuff can first, on and off the water...