Sunday, November 18, 2012

No sweat

I woke up this morning to minus temperatures.  Some standing water had caught over with ice.  A first taste of approaching winter.

With a maximum temperature of 0 C and northwest winds of 16 knots gusting to 27 there were no proposals for a day paddle.  Dean and I decided to head down to St Philips for a bounce in the waves and hopefully some surf rides.

Gary enjoying the bounce.

Clyde and Gary were also at the put-in when I arrived.  Excellent I thought, there'd be four of us.  We knew we were in for some good entertainment judging by the angry sea as we looked out over the cove.

Clyde and Dean rafted up for a chat as Bell Island disappears behind the wave they were on.

Now you see Dean and ...

... now you don't.

It was a cool day.  I paddled boxes catching some awesome surf rides with the wind at my back.  I know I'm catching a good one when I can hear my skeg hum as it vibrates pushed along by the surging water.

Just goofing around in the cove for a couple of hours I clocked 8 kms with a maximum speed of 19.1 kms/hr.

The wind chill was -6C but I felt warm.  It was a great way to spend a couple of hours on a Sunday and the best part was no flies and, I didn't sweat.

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