Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The road home


We woke on Thursday, the sixth day of our trip around Merasheen Island, to news the weather would be against us for the next two days after the day.  We decided we'd pass on further exploration of the Ragged Islands and paddle direct to Arnolds Cove and the conclusion of our trip.

But first we had breakfast, punctuated with blueberries Neville picked.

Into Bests Harbour

We hauled the empty boats the short distance over the neck and into Bests Harbour, deciding to take the inner reach between King and Merasheen Islands.

Thanks Ern

Ern came down to our campsite in his boat to give us the forecast.  We had a brief chat, thanked him and paddled down Bests Harbour and into the reach.

Riley Island

A low tide at Riley Island meant we had to knuckle walk the kayaks over the barely submerged bar.

Protected passage

We proceeded on up the reach in calm waters.

Big Dog Harbour

Neville paddles across the entrance to Big Dog Harbour as a gentle breeze blew out of the southeast.

Mussel farm

Nearing Hound Island we reached the mussel farm Ern had told us about.  The floats of the farm stretched as far as the eye could see at water level.  It was an impressive sight.  Each float supported a strand of rope on which the mussels grew.  On another day we might have harvested a few for a meal.

Out of the reach

We exited the reach between King and Merasheen Islands and into more open waters, still populated by small islands.

St. Bernard's Cove

St. Bernard's Cove is on the other side of a narrow neck from Great Brule and a good place to stop for lunch.

Familiar place

It had a familiar look to it because only six days previous we had stopped on the right hand side of the scene for lunch on our way south on the east side of the island.  We had seen much and done much in the intervening days.

Two crossings and our adventure was coming to an end.

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