Tuesday, August 21, 2012

On to Hogan Cove

Beautiful morning

Sunday, day two, broke still and quiet and the prospect of blue skies.  Hard to imagine a more peaceful scene as I poked my head out of my tent at Rosiru to this beautiful sight.

We had breakfast, broke camp and headed towards Merasheen, the community.

Mirror, mirror

The water was dead calm, a welcomed change to the conditions the previous day.

Vanishing point

Paddling south with Rosiru Island to port and Merasheen Island to starboard.


The only thing to disturb the perfectly calm water were the kayaks of Clyde and Hazen.

Hogan Cove

A couple of hours after departing Rosiru we arrived at Hogan Cove.  Hogan Cove was going to be our jumping off point for the paddle around the exposed south end of Merasheen.  Forecasted weather for that segment of the trip forced us to paddle further on day one making our bid from Rosiru instead.  There was a feeling that a weather layover day would be more welcomed at Merasheen than here.  Having seen Hogan Cove, a second night here would not have been so bad.

A river runs through it

Hogan Cove was a beautiful, brown sandy beach with many caribou hoof prints.  A river that was almost reduced to a trickle because of the dry summer ran into the cove and must be the supply source of all the sand.

I walked up the river to make first use of my Katadyn Pocket Microfilter.  Previous trips I've stretched water I've carried from home or boiled water.  A water filter made more sense.

 Otter tracks

In addition to the caribou tracks, and suspected moose tracks, a sea otter walked across the sandy beach.  I suspect very recently, in fact, probably as we made our way onto the beach.  Two of them kept an eye on us from the safety of the sea as we took our break.

All the comforts

I questioned the suitability of Hogan Cove as a campsite during the planning but I kept it to myself.  I was wrong.  Beautiful sandy beach, grassy areas for tents and fresh water - the perfect campsite.

We didn't stay long before we resumed our paddle towards Merasheen.


  1. hey Tony, your last pic of the sandy beach is a great shot - it's a pic of the month in my opinion. You are the winner!!!

    I do not know why people feel they have to leave Newfoundland to go to beaches... you just have to get a kayak and start paddling.. before too long you will find these little spots right here on our doorstop...

  2. Thanks for that award Dean. Using your criteria, every picture on my blog is a picture of the month *lol*

    I couldn't agree more about what we have right here at our beck and call. Lots of people come here and are amazed, as we should be.

    Tony :-)

  3. that pic on your header is a real winner too...

  4. Yup, and thanks for it. I liked it so much I'm gonna leave it as a permanent header for my blog.

    Tony -)