Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lunch in Dirty Rock Cove

 Turning southwest

Our rest stop complete we paddled down the coast of Merasheen and as we gradually followed the curve of the coast southwest we knew we were near the bottom of the island.

The eagle has ... flown

We saw a few eagles on the trip.  This one took to flight as we neared.  As it did, I wondered why it would feel threatened by a group of kayakers well below on the sea.  Probably says a lot about us humans that eagles, mice, caribou etc have to flee as we approach.

Talus slope

The shoreline began to become more interesting.

Neville enjoying the day

Most unusual sea conditions along the southern coast of Merasheen for sure.  The next stop south of here are the islands of the Carribean.  The seas along here are usually much more rough with a fetch of such distance but we accepted the gift.

Dirty Rock Cove

An hour after leaving Hogan Cove we arrived at Dirty Rock Cove, coincidental with lunch time.  The cove was accessible in the calm conditions but I expect not very often in the prevailing southwesterly winds.  Camping and water are available if conditions are such that a landing is possible.

Lunch consisted of Mr. Noodles and a can of tuna mixed in.  It was quick and convenient but packed a heavy sodium punch, fuel for our two hour paddle into Merasheen, the community.


  1. Great shots Tony of what appears to have been a great trip. Gald all made it back safe and looking forward to more of your commentary and photos.

  2. Thanks Stan. I took too many shots to post all for one day so I'm gonna post each day in segments. Everyone came back safe but with a few blisters, especially me where my hands were soft from not paddling as much leading into the trip.

    Tony :-)