Sunday, August 26, 2012

Moving on to Tacks Beach

The track to Tacks Beach

We made our way to Tacks Beach by the outside of King Island.  The batteries ran out on my GPS so I added the final part of the track freehand in red.

Leaving Merry Harbour

On the fifth day we left Merry Harbour where we had spent two nights.  I can safely state that the place is aptly named.  We crossed the expanse of sea from Merasheen to the Lower Gray Gull Islands.

 Something interesting

As Dean and I reached the Lower Gray Gulls Islands I noticed this mafic dyke intruded into the pink granite rocks.  I'll say mafic because I don't know the composition, just to connote its dark appearance.  It may be a rhyolite and related to the granite?

Entering Smiths Cove

Entering Smiths Cove with Green Island to port, King Island to starboard.

 No name islands

There are so many islands in the Ragged Islands, reputed to be 365, that not all have names.  Some are just hummocks stuck out of the water.  We're almost through them here as the Burin Peninsula of the mainland hovers on the horizon.

A quick stop

We made a quick stop in Doting hole, a deep inlet into King Island.


At the entrance to The Grandies we stopped to eat lunch.  As we entered I spotted a caribou and paddled quietly as close as I could to take a picture before spooking it.  It stopped long enough to pose for the camera before taking off into the trees.

Exiting The Grandies

Its called "The Grandies" on the map but I didn't find anything particularly grand abut the place, not anymore than the fine scenery we had been paddling in all day.  Out of The Grandies we paddled through Broad Cove and into Tacks Beach.

Tent city

The north end of the neck was the most protected spot to put the tents.  As we did Ern Penny, the lone occupant at Bests Harbour came over to chat with us.  Bests Harbour is on one side of the neck, whereas Tacks Beach is on the other.  I probably could have all been called by one name.  In any case, our arrival at Tacks Beach increased the population in the area five fold, Ern being the lone occupant before our arrival.

Bests Harbour

Looking east towards Bests Harbour.  Here King Island is almost cut in half except for the 50 meter wide neck where we were camped.

Water haul

A previous trip report on Kayak Newfoundland and Labrador's website indicated there was a well at Tacks Beach.  Ern confirmed that and gave me directions.  Clyde and I followed the path northeast to the first cabin; the well was located just behind it.  Instead of tannin coloured water to filter we had crystal clear water.  Crystal clear but it was filtered anyway.

We cooked supper.  I had salmon cakes, a nice change from the rice and pasta so far.  We may have been roughing it but there was no reason not to eat well.


  1. I said it once and I'll say it again.......I'm very envious of this trip. On my paddling bucket list for sure. And when I do eventually get to visit Merasheen, I'll be using this blog as my reference material. Thanks for posting Tony.


  2. It was indeed a great trip Brian. I intend to write up a shortened trip report for the clubs website with a reference to Dean's and my blog for more info and pictures. Glad you are enjoying the entries, I certainly am looking over and selecting from the many pictures I took.

    Tony :-)