Saturday, December 24, 2011

Top 10 paddles of 2011 - #8


On September 13, ten of us gathered at St. Philips for a moonlight paddle. The forecast looked good a couple of days before. We were looking at calm wind and clear skies, a perfect night for a moonlight paddle.

A late show meant we sat in the cove waiting to get everyone on the water.


It got darker, the camera flash catching the fluorescent patches on the PFDs.

Nearing St. Thomas Cove

We set out but it turned cloudy but it was calm and pleasant. In the absence of the moon we only had the light from the facility at St.Thomas Cove shimmering on the water.

Sue and Derrick

No moon but it was a great night to be on the water. We each had glowsticks attached so we could keep track of each other on the water. I found the depth perception interesting in the dark as glowsticks bobbed along the shore.

Well, we didn't get the moon. Maybe next year? Nevertheless its a nice change paddling in the dark and we had a great bunch of people to share the night with. That's why I'm putting this paddle on my list.

More shots on the original post.

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