Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Icicles paddle

Ice wall

Dean, Neville and I met at Middle Cove at 9:30 for a paddle. The theme for the day would be icicles. Lots of icicles.

Neville got ready to put-in while Dean and I checked out this wall of icicles that was in full sunlight. When he joined us we were ready.

Lets go check out some caves

The east side of Middle Cove has numerous caves and today, also considerable iciciles hung onto the cliffs. As we paddled over we lost the sun behind the 200 foot tall cliffs.

Checking out a low cave

It was near high tide and only a foot or two of the cave was out of the water. The cave is hard to see at high tide but at low tide its possible to stand up in it.

Look up

We surveyed the tall cliffs as we passed by.

In "The Molar"

Some of the caves were protected today by hanging sheets of icicles. We didn't enter them all as we didn't want to chance being speared by the daggers of ice should they let go. The cave known as "The Molar" was safe to check out.

Ship Cove

At Ship Cove there were more icicles but we were still in shade, though the top of the cliff was in sunlight.

Entering Outer Cove

Leaving Ship Cove we entered Outer Cove and into the sunlight. The cliffs along the cove aren't as tall as in Middle Cove but they were almost totally covered with ice.


Neville is dwarfed by the wall of ice.

Rounding Torbay Point

On the west side of the Rocky Hills it was shady but after rounding Torbay Point we were in brilliant sunshine.

Into the sunshine

Paddling southerly into the sun made it hard to see where we were going as the sun was bright, as was the reflection off of the water.


We went south for a couple of kilometers to Shooting Point Cove where we sat for a few minutes before turning north again towards Torbay Point because Dean had to be home early.

Middle Cove return

Back in Middle Cove we were in the shade again but the beach was in full sunshine. A few people were on the beach. I wondered what they were thinking as we paddled up to the beach to take out. I wasn't concerned. It was cold but I felt toasty warm. I thought to myself they didn't know what they were missing.

The last paddle of the year for 2011. The year ended on a good note.


  1. Ice like that reminds me of climbing in Norway - sure it's superb to paddle beneath.
    Just now in the UK, any paddling would be superb - Warmest, wettest, windiest winter in a long while.
    All the best

  2. Will, there are a few climbers around here but I don't know if they take advantage of these kind of ice walls to climb.

    Its been windy here also but there's always somewhere to paddle even if its just a bob in the waves and some surfing.

    Season's greetings

    Tony :-)

  3. Reindeer stardust......sounds like a stage name down to the cotton club!

  4. I just love your antlers! I thought the top photo was cute, but watching your deer kayak go through it's paces, just brightened this dark day! Thanks!

  5. Lee, sometime ago I dubbed my kayak "Stardust"; I still have to get the lettering made up. Today for a few hours there were 9 reindeers!

    Thanks PP, it was a whimsical thing to add the reindeer antlers. Only a few times did she get her ears wet in the water. Absolutely fantastic that this added a smile to your day.

    Tony :-)