Saturday, December 10, 2011

Dean's Disko Bay SOF

Dean's newly completed Disko Bay skin-on-frame

Dean liked Sean's Disko Bay skin-on-frame so much he decided to build one for himself. Today he had the christening at St. Philips. Strong southwest winds were forecast so a day paddle was out but it was ideal for the grand launch. A few shots of Dean follow.

The other highlight of the day was a milestone reached. Today was the 122nd time I've been in my kayak this calendar year. Once I saw numbers build near the end of summer I wanted to hit 122 because its on average every third day this year.

Looks sweet on the water.

Just a little action in the water for Dean to find his sea legs in his new boat.

Freeboard is over-rated.

Catching a small wave for some mini-surf action as Clyde looks on.

Today's gang

A great day for December 10th weatherwise saw six of us take part in the unveiling. Clyde, Dean, Derrick, Neville, Sean and myself. After a couple of hours we stopped for coffee at By-the Beach Restaurant for a chat and some good laughs with our java.

Dean is quick to say that if he can build the Disko Bay then anyone can. I think he sells himself short or is just too modest. You've done a very nice job there Dean. Congrats!


  1. Seriously, if I can make one... I do have to give credit where it is due: Without the benefit and inspiration of Sean making his Disko this past summer and blogging his build on his site and answering all my questions... well, I would not have even known where to begin. Dave Gentry, from whom the plans came from, was a big help too by promply answering any questions I had. Jeff Horton's web-site ( was such a great resource - he has a bunch of 'how to' video's and other information there for sof builder's... and he will answer questions if you e-mail him.

    There are lots of other resources available on-line, but those three above were the main ones for me. Thanks guys...

  2. Dean: Sounds like you're giving an acceptance speech for an Emmy!! You forgot to thank your Mom, Dad, wife, god etc etc - just kidding, my friend!!! Great job!!

    I guess the gauntlet has bee thrown down for you Tony!! Only one stipulation - no Euro blade can paddle a Greenland SOF replica!!

    Fun day on the water, boys!!!


  3. Yeah, it does read like an acceptance speech, doesn't it... I'd like to thank the paddling community for this Disko award... it belongs to you, the people... Oy vey!!!

    Tony, if you start now you'd certainly have it done by spring. In fact if you dovoted your full days to it you'd easily have it and a couple GP's done by New Years Day... Then we could start a SOF club.... Didn't Brian Duffet make a SOF last summer? - he can be our president. Yee haw, buddy.

  4. oh yes, congratulations Tony on number 122. That is by no means an easy number to achieve... if there is an award to be given you indeed should receive one for that... and there are still 21 days left of this year!!! Dare I predict you will hit 130...

  5. I'm tempted to build this boat and carve a new GP. Is that evolution *lol*

    Tony :-)

  6. Tony, if you just build a SOF then you can stop thinking about wanting to build a SOF...