Sunday, July 2, 2017

A fine day in Cape Broyle, if it was January

Nine of us were in Cape Broyle today for a day paddle.  It was 7C but with the wind chill it felt like 3C.  That would be a fine day in January but on July 2nd, dreadful.  It speaks volumes though about the crew today.

The wind was forecasted to be 10 knots SE but it looked more like ESE as it was pretty much in our faces as we paddled east from the put-in.

A usual stop along the north side of the harbour is at Horsechops Falls where the river meets the sea.

We crossed at "The Narrows" to the south side.  Here, the black slates of the St. John's Formation are compressed and folded into an anticline.  Notice the curved beds with the convex up!

It was a relaxed paddle stopping every now and then to examine sea stacks along the way.

Low tide had been reached a hour earlier and I wondered if we'd be able to get into the tunnel.  As luck would have it, the rising water had risen enough for us to gain entrance.

Some of us grabbed a shower at this waterfall but it was chilly and a sudden cool down.

There were caves to explore.

We entered Lance Cove with its impressive sea stack.  The plan was ...

... to carry on to Church Cove but Eugene decided to get out at Lance Cove.  Brian went to check on him.  He was OK to stop there for lunch by himself but as we made our way towards Church Cove the plan began to come apart.  Dean, Shane and Ron thought they should go back with Eugene.  Brian, Cathy, Gary, Sue and myself continued on for a while until Brian and Sue also signaled they were returning to Lance Cove.  At that point Cathy, Gary and I felt compelled to also return.

I was disappointed but sometimes these things can't be helped.  In the end it was better to stay together.  There will be other days to make Church Cove and check out the huge cave called Cathedral Cave.

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