Friday, July 28, 2017

Isle Valen: A summary

Blogger lets you put in labels for each post but if the same label is used for a series then the posts come up in reverse order.  Therefore, I'm posting a summary of my four day solo trip to Isle Valen with links to each day so the posts can be viewed in sequential order.

Day 1; July 17: Garden Cove to Ship Island - 24.7 kms.

Day 2; July 18: Ship Island to Isle Valen - 32.1 kms.
                          A look around Isle Valen

Day 3; July 19: Isle Valen to Browns Cove, Bar Haven Island - 41.3 kms.

Day 4; July 20: Browns Cove to Garden Cove - 16.9 kms.

Four day total of 115 kms.

Totally awesome trip and experience!!!


  1. Hi Tony
    What an exciting and interesting trip you have been to, amazing scenery you have in your backyard.
    Sometimes it's ok to go on a trip alone and on others it's most enjoyable to be more.

    1. Yes, Heine, I do enjoy the company of others but being alone is also a good experience. I plan on doing one solo trip every year. I was alone but never lonely!

      Tony :-)