Saturday, December 24, 2016

Top 10 paddles of 2016 - #8

So, down to 8 days left in the year and we're down to number 8.  On November 15th we had a supermoon.  It was a good reason for a moonlight paddle.  We had tried for a moonlight paddle in October but the weather did not cooperate.  That is to say, it was cloudy.  It was a good thing too because the supermoon was a better option and a super treat.

We arrived in the dark and put our boats in.  The moon had not yet risen above the hills but the sky was clear ensuring we'd be bathed in moonlight soon.

There was no wind and an almost imperceptible swell.  A perfect night to be on the water as darkness can present challenges on an active sea.

The tiny dot in the center is the supermoon believe it or not.  That's as good as I could do with the waterproof point and shoot camera.  It was considerably brighter that the camera captured.

As we paddled to Topsail Beach there were patches of incredible bioluminescence with sparks flying off the bow wave and even deep where we put our paddles in.

At Topsail Beach we had a little fire as each of us brought a little wood.

After standing around the fire having a few laughs and after the fire died back we headed back to St. Philips.

It wasn't a paddle for the scenery but for the experience of paddling under the supermoon.  It was different from a daylight paddle.  The conditions were right and we had a super bunch of people together.  A most enjoyable paddle so it ends up on my list of top 10 paddles for the year.

A more detailed description and pictures are included in the original post which can be found here.

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  1. Super choice for the Supermoon!!!
    What a new thrill!!