Friday, December 30, 2016

Top 10 paddles of 2016 - #2

 For a number of years we have tossed around the idea of camping on Kellys Island.  Kellys Island is a short 15 minute drive from the big city and only a 30 minute crossing so its not a big adventure, unless its made to be, which Cathy, Gary and I did on the weekend of July 2/3.

We launched from Long Pond to make the 30 minute crossing to the island.

When me reached one of only two possible camping options we carried the tents and essentials for the night up the 30 meter cliff and pitched the tents before heading out for an ...

... afternoon paddle to ...

... Bell Island 45 minutes away.  Long Pond to the campsite was only 4 kms and while it was going to be an overnight camp trip it had to also include some good time on the water.

It was a beautiful day and we were in no particular hurry so we landed on a small beach to explore a little on land.  We walked up a small ravine which we dubbed "Ant Hill Ravine" and looked back through the cut and the sea beyond.  I'll have to ensure the government updates the topo to include the new name.

Cathy and I tried to jig a codfish when we got back within eye-shot of the tents without luck.  After landing and getting out of our kayak gear we straightened out the tents as we had merely just dumped sleeping bags etc in the tents before setting out on our pm paddle.  Then we repelled back down to the beach where we made supper.

We had a small fire as the available wood allowed and began happy hour.  Only a few though as the steep climb required our full attention so we continued by sitting in ...

... Cathy's tent.

That's when the fun started as we made up guessing games and quizzed each other on firsts in our lives.

As full darkness set in the lights of Conception Bay South came on providing a spectacular sight from our vantage point.

More joking around ensued as we considered contacting Dean to paddle a pizza over to us or even some cheezies.  That wasn't going to happen so around 2:00 am we hit our respective tents for the night.

I unzipped my tent and emerged into another beautiful day.  I didn't see any activity from the other tents so went for a little walk and up from the tents I looked back to capture our perch high above the water.  A ...

... zoomed in image shows our tents high on the cliff and our tiny kayaks on the grassy spot beow.  Trips up and down were kept to a minimum!

After breakfast we paddled around the back of the island before crossing back to Long Pond in a bit of a breeze to ...

... completing the trip hauled out in Long Pond.

It was only a short trip though we did notch 23 kms on the first day and 8 on the return,  But, the distance wasn't what stood out for me.  A real estate agent will tell you its all about location, location, location.  We certainly had that at our campsite.  That and the hard to describe fun we had laughing and joking in the dark makes this my number 2 favourite paddle of the year.

While it was a short trip I did manage to make three posts out of it.  Part 1, part 2 and part 3 provide more detail and pix.

Some of the guys who wanted to be on the trip could not so we will have to make it happen in the new year.  I think I may have sold them on it.


  1. ... And I think I sold many on my tent after this trip! :) Dean never did deliver our order! :)...This was a uniquely wonderful trip! Right in our 'back yards'! :) If this was not your number 1 for 2016,I think I might know :) ...Can't wait to camp Kelly's Island again!!

    1. Unique for sure ;;) and little did I know the part I played *lol* with such happy consequences.