Thursday, December 22, 2016

Top 10 paddles of 2016 - #10

On the 10th last day of 2016 I'm counting down my top ten paddles of 2016.  Today, number 10, a paddle from Middle Cove to Flatrock return on June 25th.

We left Middle Cove under a blue cloudless sky and paddled past ...

... Motion towards Torbay.

Caves and cliffs dominate the shore between Torbay and Flatrock.  We stopped to explore them all looking into some and ...

... looking out at the world from the inside of others.

Near Flatrock we saw what turned out to be our second, and last, iceberg of the year.  It turned out to be a disappointing year for icebergs and winds were not favourable for driving them onshore.

We stopped for lunch at Flatrock anticipating the arrival of Cathy's sister who was going to drop some pumpkin chutney for us.  Some miscommunication meant the chutney did not arrive so we'll be looking for a second chance in 2017!  We headed back the way we came with the reddish sandstones and conglomerates to starboard.

Paddling south with the sun now in our faces.

We retraced our steps across the cove in Torbay and ...

... around the next point and we were back at Middle Cove.

It was one of those days where there was no wind making for a relaxed paddle exploring caves and stunning shoreline.  This is just an abridged version of the day with a few shots not previously published.  The original posts with more pictures are here and here.

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