Sunday, October 23, 2016

In a fog

I can't believe its been three weeks since I last paddled.  Unfortunately the weather just hasn't cooperated with hurricane and tropical storm remnants keeping us off the water.  Today was going to blow hard too but the wind was forecasted to drop after noon.

Cathy, Derrick and I took the opportunity and as promised there was no wind.  But there was also almost no visibility.

Cathy was concerned but I reassured her it wasn't an issue.  Handrailing close to shore kept us in touch with the tangible world.

We made out way south cloaked unseen in the fog.

Cathy navigating between rocks.  I told the other two I had checked the radar for rain which was supposed to come in.  I figured on about an hour before it arrived and ...

... sure enough it came in and came down in torrents with the raindrops bouncing up off the water.

Meh, it didn't matter as we were in our drysuits and it was warm.  Actually the rain had a cooling effect which made it all the more comfortable.

We stopped for a break as the rain began to hold up.  Possibly the rain cleared up some of the fog as we could see more of our surroundings.

Back on the water the visibility was better but certainly not crystal clear.  At least clear enough to see fall colours on the hillsides.

We had a hard rain the night before with numerous torrents running off the cliffs.  This was the biggest carrying dirt muddying the black sea waters.

Finally we were back and we could see land 5 kms across the water.

Not everyday is going to be sunny and bright but given the limited opportunities of the last three weeks we made the best of it.  In spite of the fog it was still a most enjoyable day on the water.


  1. Great paddle! I would never have gone out without you guys... Thanks for making a grey day beautiful and memorable! :)

  2. Nothing brightens up a grey day like good companionship on the water. The sun can't shine everyday but you can still take advantage of it, which we did.