Monday, October 10, 2016

Chance Cove return

Where was I before I dosed off?  Oh yes, camped on a beach inside Masters Head with Cathy, Dean, Derek, Gary and Hazen.  The day before we set up the tents and three of us went to check out Stock Cove and the Bull Arm construction site.

We got up in the morning to a beautiful sunny day but where we were camped we were still in shadows early on.  Slowly but surely ...

... the sun began to rise and bathe the campsite in warm sunlight.

The paddle to the campsite from Chance cove was just over 6 kms because we made a crossing of Rantem Harbour.  On the way back the plan was to handrail and take our time ...

... squeezing through narrow openings and ...

... around sea stacks.

We explored every nook and cranny, here where a brook ran out.

Another sea stack!

Dean was up at the crack of dawn and told the late risers that there was a skim of frost on his kayak when he got up.  The change of season and the cooler nights were having an effect on tree leaves as they began turning from green to yellows.  The dogberry trees seemed to be leading the way.

We saw numerous eagles.  At one point in Bull Arm on Saturday we saw three close together.  Usually they cry out and take to wing trying to lead us away from their nest sites.  This eagle didn't move and was the closest I ever got to take a picture.  We thought it might have been injured so we backed off so as not to stress it.

Within sight of Western Head we stopped on this beach to relax for some time.  It was still early and we were in no hurry.

From Western Head its only as short distance back to Chance Cove.  That part of the shoreline is punctuated with numerous ...

... sea stacks, this one being the biggest.  Not a sea stack but and island really.

We hit the water at 10:00 and 12:30 we were back entering Chance Cove.  We doubled the distance of 6.2 km on Saturday, which included a crossing, on Sunday by hugging the shoreline.

It was only a one night camp out but felt longer because we stuffed the day with wonderful paddling, incredible scenery and great company.

Here are the breadcrumbs on a Google Earth screen shot:


  1. Hard to remember it was not summer on the way home on this trip! I loved the excursion to Bull arm with you and Hazen Tony... what monsters!! The ride back on the waves in the wind was awesome! Thaks for the pix and the great memories! :)

  2. The ride back was something for sure being blown down the Arm catching small surfing waves. It was interesting to see each of us catch a wave and zoom ahead but overall we kept together very well.

    And thank you for your company too!